Welcome to DOPE-SHIT.COM a great source for promotional HIP-HOP, RAP & other music genres. We’re dedicated to providing you the very best service with a focus on the artist, community and dependability.

When DOPE-SHIT.COM first started the passion for helping others while still providing the best Service for musicians drove us to do research on a daily basis, and gave us the impetus to turn hard work into an on-line archive. The Service provides quick access to the media Content allowing users the chance to hear the media first and then deciding whether he/she will buy it, either by sourcing it at a store, on-line or by moving on to the next piece of media.

DOPE-SHIT.COM is overseen and run by a small group of individuals who have an interest for Rap music, MC’s and vocalists and our aim has always been to create a clean and accurate archive for the community. The Service is about researching and trying to bundle up the best of what the genre has to offer so unfortunately we do not list any and everything.

When it comes to the media you will only be presented with one official version or sometimes possibly a remix version of the same media Content. The Sound quality is key so we’re keeping the quality to a high standard while looking to improve on any media that sounds undesirable to a user. By allowing access to thousands of media Content you’ll have the opportunity to sample music from almost any artist with a focus on both the newly released and previously released media.

Feel free to comment (debate) on all the media available to you but understand that you are not permitted to download any as it’s used for promotional and historical purposes only. All the media Content can be played back on a desktop PC / Mac or mobile devices with worldwide access. Exposure is the key for any artist so by providing a 99.9% guaranteed on-line Service we aim to keep the media accessible and on-line 365 days of the year.


The staff connect 1-2-1 with some artists featured on this Service either by email, contribution or social media, we also receive promotional media Content by being subscribed to promoter mailing lists. DOPE-SHIT.COM respects the intellectual property of others and we ask that our users do the same: Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”). If you’re an artist and looking for exposure please refer to Submit Music our aim is to listen to all media contributions within 72 hours, we ask please be patient.